Youth Education

Religious School

The goal of the AYS Religious School is to offer each child the opportunity to become an active participant in the Jewish community through understanding the rituals, customs, observances and ethical teachings of Judaism. We work to create a foundation and love for lifelong Jewish learning and living with a core of Jewish knowledge and principals, including:

  • Torah – an understanding and love of Torah and connection to God
  • Hebrew – language skills
  • Jewish Values – how they apply to our lives through the performance of mitzvot, and recognition of the Jewish value in everything we do
  • Jewish Lifecycle – following the Jewish calendar and observance of holidays
  • Jewish History – understanding the timeline of the Jewish people
  • Tefilot – developing the skills and understanding the significance, history and spiritual meaning of our prayers
  • Israel – connecting to the history and culture of the State of Israel
  • Conservative Judaism – identity through synagogue and educational activities
  • Customs and ceremonies – instilling the commitment of observance in the synagogue and at home

Sunday School

These are some of the subjects that we cover in our Sunday School:

  • God
  • Hebrew and Prayer
  • Culture and Symbols
  • Jewish History
  • Jewish Holidays
  • Jewish Life Cycle Events
  • Mitzvot and Jewish Values
  • Tanach (Torah, Prophets, Writings)

Our directive is to develop an appreciation of Judaism and a sense of pride in being Jewish by providing a positive, experiential atmosphere for learning about each of these topics. Ultimately, our goal is to engage with God, Torah, and mitzvot within the framework of the Conservative Movement and to incorporate them into our lives in a meaningful way.